LPSO: Revived is a fan-made volunteer project dedicated to bringing the virtual world of LPSO back to life.


LPSO: Revived is a fan-driven project dedicated to recreating the world of LPSO for the enjoyment of modern players. Due to LPSO's younger demographic and obscurity, very few of the game's original assets were preserved. Our team of developers have been working hard to faithfully reconstruct the game from the ground up based on surviving video and screenshot documentation since 2019.

The LPSO:Re team is made up exclusively of volunteers, including veteran fans of the game and those who never got the chance to play it. Due to the nature of LPSO:Re as a labour of love, the speed of development is not always consistent and depends greatly on the availability of our incredible contributors. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the project is still being worked on!We are always looking for prospective volunteers who are interested in helping out with development. We have a variety of tasks to be done, including programming, art, archival, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is LPSO: Revived still being worked on?
A: Yes! Unless we specifically announce otherwise, the project is still being developed.
Q: Is the LPSO:Re team accepting new volunteers?
A: Yes! We are always on the lookout for contributors interested in lending their talents to our project. Anyone who would like to help out is encouraged to join our Discord server and join our team of contributors.
Q: Is the game playable yet?
A: Not yet. As more pieces of the game reach completed states, we will release playable demos to the public to showcase development progress. As of right now, the game is still in the early stages of being put together.
Q: When will the game be finished?
A: We aren't sure yet, but we plan to make a formal announcement when we have a release timeframe in mind.
Because the game is developed entirely on a volunteer basis and different parts of the game are being worked on at different paces, it is hard to say when the game will be in a state we feel confident presenting to the public. In the meantime, we will continue to post development updates on our Twitter and release new demos when we are able.
Q: Where can I play the available demos?
A: All released demo builds can be downloaded from the #🙊|game-builds channel in our Discord server. Currently, the available demos are only compatible with Windows operating systems.
Q: Will LPSO:Re cost money to play?
A: No. LPSO:Re will always be free to play with zero features being locked behind a paywall. Features of the original game that required a paid membership or any other monetary purchase will be accessible in LPSO:Re. However, we hope to implement these features in a unique and interesting way to preserve their exclusivity!